About Us

Established in 2018, we are a family office focusing on investments in UK venture capital funds, start-ups, and scale-ups. Our approach is generally sector-agnostic, with a preference for businesses at the early-stage up to Series A.

In our consideration of investment opportunities, we look for businesses with strong leadership teams, innovative offerings, and demonstrable market traction. We look for substantial growth potential and the possibility to disrupt existing markets.

Our portfolio, some of which can be viewed on the next page, is diverse and represents our commitment to supporting a wide range of industries and business stages. We are especially interested in Impact Investments and Emerging Technology currently.

Our team, led by Anthony Lyall, Managing Director, brings together a wealth of industry knowledge and a dedication to supporting the growth of entrepreneurial ventures.

We welcome contact from businesses seeking investment which aligns with our thesis. We are always ready to explore new investment opportunities and to support businesses in their growth journey.

Don't forget to check out the "Resources" section at the bottom, which is updated regularly.


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In our Resources section, you'll find a range of materials that provide insights into our work and the wider investment landscape. 

The first tile features a picture of me, linking to my LinkedIn page. I regularly share thoughts and analysis on various topics related to venture capital, start-ups, and the investment ecosystem in the UK. 

Next is a tile that takes you to the podcast I co-host, where we discuss all things investing, including expert interviews, industry trends, and practical advice for both investors and businesses. 

The third tile links to a valuable PDF provided by the Department for International Trade, offering detailed guidance on accessing capital in the UK. It's a must-read for any entrepreneur or investor looking to understand the nuances of the UK investment scene, which you can interact with here on the website. 

Finally, we have two reports that I highly recommend, one focusing on the state of Generative AI and the other on Quantum Technology. They provide comprehensive overviews of these cutting-edge technologies and their implications for businesses and investors alike.

Accessing Finance in the UK.pdf
Translink Capital - Perspectives on Generative AI .pdf